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  • Eugene_small

    Samples SaxBand Library The idea behind SAXBAND is based on the principle of creating a library of Mid-Side stereo signals and maintaining the signal in this form until exiting the sampler as a “decoded” stereo sample.    The first stage was sampling. The Mid-Side technique required a single stereo pair of microphones, one in a […]

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  • Dale_small

    CMusic Saxband Review CMusic’s SAXBAND is a new a collection (Alto, Tenor and Baritone) of saxophones for full-version Kontakt 5 that will instantly supply your composition with an affordable alternative to the never-on-time-for-the-session/creatively-temperamental/I-can’t-afford-you sax-playing diva you wish that you had on-call!    The instruments (unlike other sax libraries) are available for individual, “solo” purchase at […]

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